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Canine Sport of Tracking

The Canine Sport of Tracking is split into 2 separate disciplines.
Tracking – rural tracking run only by The Tracking Dog Club of SA Inc. here in South Australia and held in areas around Monarto.
Track & Search – urban tracking is run by several different clubs in the Adelaide Suburbs.
Both disciplines are open to any breed, and it is the training of a dog to follow a human scent. When the dog is adequately trained it can compete in Trials and upon passing different levels apply for Titles. Both disciplines are run through the cooler months of the year, generally April to September.
The Tracking and Track & Search communities in Adelaide are very friendly, inviting and helpful. You can choose to do either or both disciples. The Tracking Dog Club of SA Inc. holds training, and that information can be found on their website.
There is no better way to wear out a busy dog than give them some brain work to do.

Roxi April 2015